Long Day

I’ve been working on getting the blog ready for about a week, now. This blog is meant to be a mix of everything- all the facets of my life. So I hit a bit of a block when everything was prepped and ready for me to write. What do I start with? A recipe? A tutorial?


After my dilemma presented itself, the dishes didn’t get done (they will tonight…they will, they will…), this house full of the sick and the healing was full of whining and crying and screaming. Then I took the circus (four boys five and under) to order glasses frames and then to an ER followup with our pediatrician. Finally, a stop for pizzas and a prescription pickup, at the busiest time of day for both places, and with a tired and hungry husband sharing his burdens of the day, and a tired and hungry infant crying out that his patience has finally run thin.

I sat, waiting, and thinking longingly of eating the pizza perched on my dash in solitude.
Then I got home. Washed my hands while my sweetheart unloaded the older boys, and unloaded our newest member from his car seat. And he watched me as I changed him, his patience returned once more.

And I may not have solitude, but sometimes, if I notice, I have serenity.

What more can I ask for?


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